According to a study by Motorola Solutions, 26.2% of businesses find it beneficial to change to a mobile POS system. This allows them better staff coverage and minimizes the reception or cash register lines when paying for orders or identifying information. With the growing demand for smartphones, this system is definitely worth a try.

What is a Point-of-Sale Equipment?

This device is a computer-based order-entry technology many hospitality and retail businesses use to take orders, record data, and display or print receipts. This is common among restaurants, retail boutiques, convenience stores, and groceries.

How Can Point-of-Sale Equipment Help You?

Point-of-Sale or POS deployments are similar to a cash register and an average computer. It has different parts, including receipt printers, display screens, credit card terminals, and server stations. It can perform the following tasks:

  1. Compute the total amount of every order.
  2. Record the method of payment.
  3. Keep track of the money that’s in the cash drawer.
  4. Create accurate sales reports, either per hour or per end-of-day.
  5. Allow employees to check in and out.
  6. Calculate employee labor and payroll data.
  7. Record and keep track of daily check averages per worker.
  8. Keep track of the menu items that customers order.
  9. Record the necessary information about loyal customers.

What Should You Look for When Buying Point-of-Sale Equipment?

  1. Industry Requirements – Identify the needs of your business by listing down the tasks needing POS equipment.
  2. Daily Production Unit – The system should be the right size, depending on the transactions your business performs every day. This includes the number of employees and customers that use the equipment.
  3. Versatility – If you’re going to buy a POS system, make sure it has everything you need. It should process credit, debit, and gift cards, virtual codes, and other forms of payment. It should also manage reservation and track customer orders.

Mobile POS deployments are good ways to improve productivity and organization of your business. Get yours from a reliable device and equipment supplier and look for skilled technicians to repair them in case they fail unexpectedly.

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